30% off – Spring Special Offer

The Covid-19 lockdown and great weather inevitably mean the we have spent a lot of time on our gardens recently.

Waterfeatures are always the focal point of any outside space and no garden is truly complete without the sight and sound of water; that sounds a bold statement but think about it. Where do you go for holidays, days out and country walks it invariably involves moving water because people are drawn to relax  around the sight and sound of water.

If you have been dreaming up ideas to improve your outside space then we have some great offers for you to make your outside spaces more enjoyable.

We have selected a range of Aquascape Pondless water features  which can be easily installed once the restrictions are lifted. Aquascape products are the world famous and new to the UK . No-one else will have these designs.

We will offer a 30% discount on the installation of any of these features and to qualify all we ask is a 50% deposit and for you to be included in one of our customer surveys where you will give open and honest feedback  which will use on our website.

We have listed example prices to give you an accurate guide but please contact us to discuss any specific items you may want to change or upgrade.

See our video gallery to see these running

Spillway Bowl and Basin

This is just a beautifully simple and elegant combination. The main bowl is 40 inches diameter and the spillway is 32″. It sits over a reservoir which contains the pumps.

It can be set up for fish and plants or as a purely decorative feature.

Cost which  includes automatic (clear water) dosing system and automatic submerged lights package

£ 3,200

Water is recirculated to both bowls and returns to hidden reservoir

Stacked Slate Bowls and Urn

We are offering a combination of 1 medium and 1 small urn or bowl.

Both will come with automatic colour changing spotlights,  the flame insert and automatic dosing system to keep the water clear.

This system is wildlife friendly so don’t be concerned if your pet or wildlife drink from it.

prices £3,250

Small, Medium and Large Stacked Slate Urns

Stacked Slate Wall

Shows Fireflame insert and external uplighting

Mongolian Columns

Ideal for creating an impressive three-piece basalt fountain. Three columns are included, measuring 24″, 30″, and 36″ in height.

These are uniquely 6 sided and so can fit closely together if desired. They equally suit a formal setting as shown as well as a more informal arrangeent with plants, bogwood and boulders.

Price includes automatic dosing system for safe clear water and uplights

£3, 950