This formal pond is about 2 years old and plants are growing well. At first glance all looks well; plant growth is good and the water lilies are flowering.

The raised containers contain water plants and water is pumped through these constantly giving some natural and circulation.

BUT In many ways this is a perfect example of where ponds can fail whilst appearing healthy.
As this photo shows the plants are growing really fast. This is the first clue. Plants require nutrients to grow – so where is this nutrient coming from?

As these photos below illustrate the surrounding trees are dropping blossom in the spring and leaves in the winter. Add that to the fish waste and you have a nutrient soup – think of it like an underwater compost heap.

Eco-system ponds work by having a 2 stage filtration process. The first stage is to remove leaves and blossom that arrives on the surface with a surface skimmer system.

The old raised pond was removed in favour of a new eco-system pond of 3M x 2.4M ecosystem pond containing around 2500Litres. The water is crystal clear. The fish love coming up from the fish cave and playing in the currents.

Here are the first pictures taken about 2 weeks after install and just after planting the surrounding border with ferns and evergreens

The decorative bowl has been added for visual impact to add interest when viewed from the inside the house.
It has also been included to provide child friendly interaction. Children love to interact with water and eco-system ponds are great for stimulating and encouraging tomorrows ecologists.
The edge of the pond is only 2-3 inches deep and there are rock seats for safe feet dangling.

Lights – the WOW factor
The water spout and waterfalls are lit with a colour changing light and the night-time effect is amazing. Its set to automatically come on and off at a time of your choice. You control all of this from your phone through the Aquascape remote control App.

As well as improving how the space is used, it is also popular with the local wildlife – we even have a yellow wagtail that comes to visit and interact with the stream.