Barton-Le-Clay Project


A lovely couple wanted to add some interest to their garden and make lockdown more interesting.
Members of their family had a pond and this inspired the couple to enjoy the sights and sounds of water as well as increase birds and other wildlife visitors.
The idea of low/no maintenance and clear healthy water appealed as they wanted a pond not a hobby.

The view before:
From the conservatory steps over looking the patio and into the full length of the garden

From the end of the garden back to the house.

The customer had originally thought of 2 sites. for the ponds.
1 was right at the back of the garden near the hedge.
2 replace the rose bed.

After some discussions we encouraged them that the best site was as close to the house as possible in order to get maximum enjoyment from the pond either from the patio or sitting in the conservatory watching the birds coming in for a drink and bathing in the waterfall
and fish know when you leave the house and come to greet you looking for food.

Current view

The shots show how well the pond position works for this garden. Note that the stone bench has a new place. It used to be at the back of the pation but now stands to the side so that the view to the pond is clear.

Really pleased how the waterfall came out. It blends well with the existing shrubs and in a short time new plant growth will further enhance and hide the source to add mystery .