What does a surface skimmer do and why do I need one? 

Elsewhere on this site you can see pond clear outs and renovations that we have done where the bottom of the pond is  filled with sludge and it’s not a coincidence that this is always worse around trees.

If you think of this sludge like a compost heap then you will quickly connect this to many of the issues people complain about with ponds.

The pond in these images was built before Aquascape was available in the UK so we couldn’t use one; this is one days worth from one cherry tree. Notice how the leaves are already sinking. We will be fitting one to the pond later this year

The surface skimmer is a Mechanical filter. It has a removable basket to catch leaves and filter foam above the pump.

Water flows through the basket then the filter foam to the pump underneath; out of sight and away from fish and frogs. This means we can use high flow pumps without risk of leaf clogging or damage to wildlife.Water is pumped back to the Bio-falls waterfall through a buried pipe so everything is kept out of sight.

The surface skimmer is probably the most important part of the Ecosystem pond. It allows you to easily remove unwanted material and keep pond water clean and healthy and you won’t even see it plus it hides all the pumps and pipe work – look at this eco-system pond- that’s all in there somewhere.