Is it an “off the shelf” pond. Do they look the same?2020-02-25T16:38:19+00:00

Absolutely not – each one is a unique, one of a kind work of art for you.

I like the sound of water but don’t want a pond2020-02-25T16:39:33+00:00

Perfect – See Fountainscape section or we can build a running stream with no pond – it’s the same process

Will I see ugly filter boxes and pump pipes on show?2020-02-25T16:40:38+00:00

No its all hidden, you wont even see the liner.

Does the pond water stay clear?2020-02-25T16:41:06+00:00

Yes Ecosystem ponds are known for crystal clear water

I don’t have much time does it need a lot of routine maintenance?2020-02-25T16:41:39+00:00

No maybe once a month you empty the basket in the skimmer – its easy and takes about 2 minutes. It’s the most maintenance free landscape there is – even a patio needs sweeping.

Does it need annual maintenance?2020-02-25T16:42:25+00:00

All ponds benefit from a full or partial spring cleanout – see our How to link

Do I need to add chemicals to keep water clean?2020-02-25T16:43:12+00:00

NO – Ecosystem ponds work like mother nature

Who are Ecosystem Ponds?2020-02-25T16:44:34+00:00

Aquascape Inc is the largest manufacturer and installer of ponds worldwide. Their products have not been available in the UK until recently.

Do rocks and gravel harm fish in any way?2020-02-25T16:45:03+00:00

No – in fact the opposite is true. Beneficial microscopic life grows on the surface of the stones which fish love to eat. Watch your fish constantly graze this just as they would naturally.

We get birds and animals visit our garden is an ecosystem pond safe for wildlife?2020-02-25T16:45:37+00:00

Its perfectly safe for all wildlife and expect to see Birds Frogs Newts Hedgehogs Dragonflies Bats visiting.

What size can I have?2020-02-25T16:46:08+00:00

Realistically the smallest size will be one that can be built in a 3×2 metres rectangle and up to any size you like. Even swim ponds!

Can my children safely go in the pond?2020-02-25T16:46:37+00:00

Great! Its pure clean chemical free water. In fact we can incorporate age appropriate access into the design if you wish. Young children love playing in shallow beach areas and older ones snorkelling after fish. What better way than to introduce nature and outdoor living and spend time with your family.

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