Ecosystem Pond Packages

“The Oasis”

3 x 2.4 M x 60cms deep

With prices starting at £6500 the “Oasis” eco-system pond allows you to easily start to enjoy your new outdoor space. Suitable for even the smallest of gardens they create a haven for you to sit and enjoy and make a perfect centre piece for the landscape.

This will be the new focal point in your garden for all your family and friends.

The Pond will be custom designed to suit you and your garden and will be shaped to fit inside a space of 3×2.4meters and 60 cms deep.

The Aquascape Eco-system pond is built around their tried and proven method of a Pond Skimmer, a Biofalls a professional grade water pump and pipework and from which we create a small waterfall.

We use a EPDM rubber pond liner laid on top of heavy duty underlay in which to place rocks and river stones to create a perfect natural environment in which plants, fish and wildlife will thrive.
We include a plant collection and automatic pond dosing system to maintain pond health.

Eco – system pond Enhancements

Correct lighting transforms the pond at night. Operated automatically you can achieve stunning transformations in and out the pond using white or colour changing lights alone and in combination.

Premium Rock
We can occasionally source premium weathered field-stone or glacial boulders which do carry a small premium; check with us for availability

Bowls and Urns
Used properly to great effect these will add a dramatic feature when incorporated correctly. See some of the images in our gallery which show how these blend naturally into the pond.

Automated Dosing Systems

Our 12Volt Autodosers work 24/7 to constantly deliver helpful bacteria and water stabilisers which help keep water quality high and maintenance low.

“The Tranquility”

5x3M x 60cms deep

From just £12,500, the “Tranquility” could be the right choice if you have a larger space. Using the same Aquascape Ecosystem construction methods and materials, this package will allow for a your pond to be designed for you up to 4.8 x 3.3M x 60 cms deep.

The package includes everything you need to enjoy a clear healthy low maintenance pond

Talk to us about how this will work in your garden.

“The Serenity”

7.8 x 6.8M x 60cms deep

Starting at £23,500 this package is suitable for larger Gardens and Koi Ponds. This large ecosystem pond is created within 7.8 x 6.3M area 60 cms deep.

Talk to us about how this will work in your garden.