First Impressions

This is the first view of the pond. At first glance their doesn’t seem anything obviously wrong. The client, a lovely lady from Bedford had called  us because she recently lost a few of the fish.

What you can’t see is the build up gooey mud caused by fallen leaves decaying which had completely filled the deeper part of the pond; leaving the fish free to swim in the top few inches of water above only an aquatic compost heap.

Small ponds suffer from this the most and without a filter need annual maintenance

First Task

We first pumped water in to some holding tanks to save the fish into then using the hard working mud pump we emptied as much of the sludge onto the fruit trees around the garden – its great fro plant growth!

Repotting Water Lillies

The lilies roots were a tangle and had split the baskets they had been planted into so these were re-potted into new containers with aquatic compost and fertiliser to help flower development.


The pond is filled and pumped a few times to get as much of the suspended dirty water out. its always a good idea not to get to too clean to preserve beneficial bacteria and critters that help re-establish the natural cycle.

We treat the water with chlorine remover and replace the fish back into he pond. the protective net is replaced and the small fountain switched on as much a possible for the next few days while everything settles.

A few weeks later

This was the photo I received after 2 weeks. the flowering iris are doing well and the lilies are growing.

The water is much cleaner and fresher but still not totally clear; we have talked about upgrading to an ecosystem pond to make sure of clear healthy water.

Two weeks later