Pondless Waterfall prices guide

Pondless waterfalls are a great way to introduce water to the garden without the need for deep pooling water.

Wether you want the sound of a rushing waterfall or the gently rhythm of a brook we can create the right design for you

Each of these is a unique design so prices can vary accordingly but as a guide note these costs below are based on the lengths quoted and are based on a stream of about 60cms flow.

All of our waterfalls are made using the same process of creating a suitable sized reservoir to hold water and store the pump which returns water along a stream bed created by us using EPDM rubber liner on top of underlay on which we lay rock and cobbles to create the cascades. We design these to your requirements for fast dramatic, gentle relaxing flow or a combination of both.

2m Stream

From £3,500

5m Stream and Waterfall

From £5,000