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Bespoke water features

From fountainscapes, patio ponds, water blades, rills, container water gardens and slate urns, SI Waterscapes brings you the music of moving water with tidy, eye-catching bespoke features that are just as easy to maintain as they are beautiful.

Whether space is limited or you wish to create a serene setting with a series of contemporary water features, Ian fuses passion with experience, creativity and technical ability to transform gardens with efficient, sustainable and correctly installed features.

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Pondless water features: Enhance architectural interest, beauty and tranquillity

If you're looking to add water features to existing ecosystem ponds or waterfall systems or require a standalone patio pond or waterfeature to showcase the sweet sound of water bubbling over rocks, Ian can design and install your one-of-a-kind feature with automatic water treatments and a hidden water reservoir.

Lighting is a crucial consideration, creating depth, provoking the illusion of extra space and enhancing texture. By taking the time to learn more about your ideas, interests and vision of our dream water feature, Ian designs truly tailored solutions to meet diverse requirements and budgets.

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A smooth, stress-free and sustainable water feature installation

From small cottage gardens to koi, tropical, modern, meadow, urban and coastal gardens, water features and patio ponds can add life, movement, soothing sounds and beauty to your outdoor space, no matter how small or large it is.

As a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) with deep knowledge of Aquascape products, Ian Logan provides a natural, environmentally friendly approach to crafting sustainable water features that complement your surroundings and fulfil your waterscape goals. Below are just a few of the reasons why homeowners across the UK choose Ian to transform the look and feel of their garden:

  • Ian delivers exceptional creativity, craftsmanship and technical ability across all aspects of water feature design, build and maintenance.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Ian's natural, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance installations.
  • With rain and stormwater management systems, Ian can design and construct water features specially designed to capture, filter and reuse rainwater and stormwater.
  • Garden ponds and waterfalls are ideal for encouraging children to interact with nature, water and wildlife, bringing you an idyllic retreat that's made for mindfulness.
    • Add calmness, beauty and tranquillity to your garden!

Water features that complement the form and function of your garden

As one of the UK's leading Certified Aquascape Contractors, Ian Logan has undertaken waterscape projects of all sizes and complexities.

Having learned from the world's best pond, fountain and water feature builders, he offers unrivalled quality and expertise, paying special attention to your requirements and the needs of your local environment — at the same time, minimising disturbance to you, your family and neighbours.

As you explore our project portfolio, you'll find various examples of custom water features designed and built for clients across the UK, including self-contained fountains, patio ponds, rills, urn fountains, water walls and rock cascade fountains.

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