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Maintenance, Service & Installation

Ian Logan has decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining ponds and water features of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’ve recently had a koi pond installed to elevate the natural beauty of your garden, or need help keeping your waterfall running efficiently —providing the soothing sights and sounds to improve your mental health — Ian can deliver maintenance and repairs to maintain the health, circulation and movement of the water.

You can learn more about our maintenance and repair packages below and explore how we can help you keep your pond, waterfall or water feature in top condition.

Explore our maintenance packages

Proactive pond maintenance packages:
Save time, money and stress

When you invest in a high-quality ecosystem pond designed and installed by Ian, you receive a 12-month guarantee as standard, no quibble, no questions.

Ian will also extend your guarantee on an annual basis for all customers who take out a continuous maintenance package. SI Waterscapes’ ponds, fountains, streams, waterfalls and unique waterscapes are designed for minimal maintenance, however, some features may require proactive, ongoing maintenance, such as treating occasional algae, ensuring pumps are operating smoothly, and regular cleaning to keep beautiful custom water features operating efficiently.

Protect your ecosystem with regular maintenance

A healthy and happy haven all year round

SI Waterscapes provides two annual maintenance packages to cater for every pond, waterfall or water feature to prevent damage, improve performance and prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Spring Maintenance Package

Retain your pond’s natural beauty

from £375

  • We drain the pond and put the fish in a temporary holding tank
  • Pressure wash the rocks and stones
  • Water plants and fertilise waterlilies
  • Drain and rinse the dirty water before refilling and treating it with a water conditioner
  • Service the autodosers and restart
  • Treatments and extra planting can also be done at this time

Autumn Maintenance Package

Professional preparation for the cold winter months

from £375

  • We check all systems are winter-ready and shutdown if required
  • remove any dead plants and trim marginals back
  • Clean skimmer and waterfalls
  • Supply and place a leaf net (to be left in place while the leaves are falling) and remove it again in December

Get in touch to discuss our maintenance packages

Why is pond maintenance so crucial?

An Aquascape ecosystem pond is thoughtfully designed to be low maintenance, providing clear, healthy water. That said, the level of maintenance required depends on the season.

As you can see from our packages above, during spring, it’s crucial to give plants the care and attention they need to thrive whilst removing dirt, bacteria and debris — essentially kickstarting spring with clean water. During autumn, the main goal is to ensure the pond remains liveable, retaining your carefully balanced ecosystem during the colder months to ensure it can blossom once more when warmer temperatures arrive.

Whether you require a one-off repair, regular maintenance or wish to book a consultation to discuss your water feature options, please contact SI Waterscapes today on 01525 403453. Alternatively, please send Ian a message, and he’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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