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We get many questions sent to us regarding both pond design, construction and water quality, so we’ve detailed some of the most frequently asked questions below.

If you have another query in mind or need some advice regarding your water feature ideas, please do not hesitate to call Ian today on 01525 403453.

Is it an “off the shelf” pond, and do they look the same?

Absolutely not – every pond, waterfall or water feature is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art designed exclusively for you. Ian takes to the time learn more about your ideas and your vision to create a serene haven that you, your family and friends can enjoy.

I love the sound of water, but I don’t want a pond. What do you recommend?

In addition to designing, constructing and maintaining bespoke ponds, we also provide bespoke water features, such as fountains, rills, blades, streams and decorative urns. Even if your garden is relatively small, but you want to boost the overall sensory appeal, Ian will guide you through the process of choosing the right feature, delivering a first-class installation.

Will I see ugly filter boxes and pump pipes on show?

Nope, never. It’s all hidden, you won’t even see the liner.

Does the pond water stay clear?

Yes, Aquascape Ecosystem ponds are known for keeping the water crystal clear, especially when installed by a Certified Aquascape Contractor and that’s where Ian can help!

I don’t have much time… does a pond need a lot of routine maintenance?

Not necessarily. We do recommend you empty the basket in the skimmer once a month, but it’s easy and takes approximately 2 minutes. Of course, all ponds will benefit from a full or partial spring cleanout to ensure your water and habitat remains healthy all year round. We have two maintenance packages available: Spring and Autumn. You can read more about maintenance, service and installations here.

Do I need to add chemicals to keep the water clean?

No. Ecosystem ponds work like Mother Nature. As part of our creative and technical design and installation process, we mimic the way Mother Nature keeps natural water systems clean, so you have peace of mind that algae will stay under control.

What are Aquascape ecosystem ponds?

Aquascape is the world’s leading manufacturer of water features, water gardens, pondless fountains and pond products. As a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), Ian Logan is one of the most qualified, experienced and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry, covering the whole of Bedfordshire.

Do rocks and gravel harm fish in any way?

No, in fact, the opposite is true. Beneficial microscopic life grows on the surface of the stones which fish love to eat. Watch your fish constantly graze, just as they would naturally. Beneficial bacteria, Mother Nature’s helpful cleaners are hard at work breaking down fish waste and other debris that can turn into sludge.

We love seeing birds and animals visit our garden. Is an ecosystem pond safe for wildlife?

Water is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the local wildlife in your garden. It’s perfectly safe for all kinds of animals and insects, potentially attracting birds, frogs, newts, hedgehogs, dragonflies and bats.

What size pond can I have?

It’s entirely up to you and the space you have available. Realistically the smallest size will be one that can be built in a 3×2 metres rectangle — ideal for small, low maintenance gardens. However, you can have ponds and water features up to any size you like. We’ve even built swim ponds that sustain an array of wildlife and give clients the opportunity to swim in freshwater without any trace of chemicals. The opportunities are virtually limitless!

Can my children safely enter a swimming pond?

Absolutely. We can incorporate age-appropriate access into the design if you wish. Generally, young children love playing in shallow beach areas and older children enjoy spending time snorkelling amongst the various species of fish. With crystal-clear water and no chemicals, what better way to introduce nature and outdoor living and spend time with your family?