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A vibrant, relaxing retreat that's impossible to beat

As a Certified Aquascape Contractor, Ian Logan specialises in designing, building and maintaining one-of-a-kind, bespoke ponds, water features, fountains, streams, cascades and waterfalls.

Nothing soothes the mind quite like the tranquillity and grace of flowing water. Enhancing your garden with a custom waterscape design is so much more than an avenue for relaxing self-care. Ponds, water features and fountains can bring the sounds of nature to your home, allowing you to craft a scenic, one-of-a-kind habitat.

If you dream of enjoying warm summer days in a sustainable and secluded space where you can soak up the soothing sound of bubbling water, Ian can design and build a unique waterscape — one that's made just for you!

Make your dream waterscape a reality

Why choose us?

  • Ian is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) with deep knowledge of Aquascape products, delivering a natural, environmentally friendly approach to crafting sustainable water features.
  • Ian has a wealth of experience installing self-sustaining ponds and water features with no harmful chemicals, producing aquatic havens that are easy to maintain.
  • He specialised in all aspects of waterscape design, build and maintenance, from bespoke pond construction to custom water fountains and streams.
  • If you're interested in cutting edge rain and stormwater management systems, Ian can build a solution that enables your plants to flourish, growing directly from unchlorinated water.
  • Natural, environmentally friendly and tailored approach to waterscape design and installation.
  • Garden ponds and waterfalls are ideal for encouraging children to interact with nature, water and wildlife, bringing you an idyllic retreat that's made for mindfulness.

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Our story

SI Waterscapes was born in 2019, led by Ian Logan's passion for crafting beautiful, healthy and sustainable waterscapes, synonymous with tranquillity.

Ian has trained alongside and worked with the world's best pond builders as part of the worldwide Certified Aquascape Contractor Network, reaching the highest standards and meeting the unique needs of homeowners across the UK.

Whether you're looking to add texture and movement to your landscape or desire a unique pond, fountain or water feature that's specially designed for your surroundings and individual tastes, Ian is on hand to deliver the dream waterscape. You can finally sit back, relax and enjoy your very own aquatic paradise!

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A creative process from concept to reality


Every waterscape design is one-of-a-kind. The cost of water landscaping varies considerably, depending on the bespoke requirements of your space and the complexity of your design.

Ian takes the time to explore your ideas over the phone or email — building a solid understanding of your vision, budget and goals. The subsequent site visit and consultation allows Ian to explore your ideas further and create a specific plan to bring your ideas to life, with a keen focus on style, design, sound, texture and movement.


During the discovery stage, the information we receive is crucial in helping us build a solid understanding to work from.

We will also visit your home and see the space up close, taking into account light conditions, your landscape, slopes and any safety concerns, whilst verifying measurements and the scale of your project. Water landscaping is a creative and organic process, which is enhanced and developed during installation. Therefore, Ian combines his knowledge and experience, with imagination to provide unique water landscapes that exceed your expectations.


As soon as we have agreed the plan and the deposit is paid, we can schedule a start date.

We take pride in delivering projects on time and within budget. Even if you can't be there to see the work being completed, we can keep you informed every step of the way.


Our water features, ponds, streams and waterfalls are designed to be very easy to maintain.

That said, some features may require ongoing maintenance, treating occasional algae, ensuring pumps are operating smoothly. We can provide regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your features operating efficiently with clean, healthy water, so you always have a happy environment to welcome diverse wildlife.

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What our customers say

  • Bespoke ponds
    They did an amazing job of upgrading and replanning my existing pond into a wet land pond. Installing new filters, changing the levels, adding large and small stones, lighting and some new plants. It looks wonderful and is so relaxing to see and listen to the water movement as it gently runs into the pond from a bowl. The addition of lighting, changes the whole ambience of the pond, its lovely to look at in the evening. I was very pleased I can recommend this company Irena Dutnall
  • Bespoke ponds
    Ian Logan responded immediately to our enquiry, listened to what we wanted, made a host of helpful suggestions, produced a plan and a quotation without delay. There was no disruption or damage and everyone worked tidily and was very friendly and professional. The results have exceeded all expectations and every detail completed to a high standard. Since the work was completed there has been follow up and after care. Our garden has been transformed and the Koi have a new lease of life in a beautiful, ecological, natural environment. We cannot recommend Ian and his team too highly. Tony and Keren Monnickendam
  • pond construction bedfordshire
    From the very beginning of our research into a new water feature, Ian was incredibly helpful and always keen to give us as much guidance as possible. He sent many ideas and examples of previous work before arranging a site visit. His extensive knowledge and passion were obvious from the start, and his ideas guided us easily into an amazing design for a pondless waterfall feature. The final design, complete with lighting and a great selection of plants, looked stunning. We would 100% recommend Ian if you are after a stunning water feature. Jane and Giles
  • custom water fountains
    Ian and his team produced a modern pond to replace our old leaking rectangular one.
    The new pond contains three water falls, as well as a separate 'still water' pool for wildlife, while the main pond has a small 'cave', which allows the fish a place of safety from airborne threats. We are both very pleased with our new pond which was completed on time and within budget. Ian has visited us a couple of times since, checking that everything is running smoothly, offering advice on fish, plants and managing the pond through the seasons.
    Don Tagney
  • custom pond company
    We were thinking of having a conventional garden pond with a paved edge but, thanks to SI Waterscapes, our garden now has a very natural-looking outcrop of rock complete with a crystal clear pool, small pebble beach and waterfall. Ian and his team worked very hard in extreme weathers, always keeping us informed and offering choices. They were very friendly and ensured there was minimum mess.
    Ian is very knowledgeable about the pond eco-system and has been very willing to advise and help with ongoing maintenance since installation. We would definitely recommend Ian and this system to anyone thinking of installing a water feature.
    M & D, Woburn Sands
  • waterscapes & aquascapes
    Our pond re-vamp was probably a small project really, however, it was still a big deal to us and important to find the right people to do it. Ian was informative and up front with ideas, designs and after care advice. We were kept in the loop, even when the original had to be moved due to our gloriously unpredictable weather! Ian’s labourers were polite, punctual and respectful. They worked hard through days of rain and days that were some of the hottest of this year. C & D

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